Every boat T Top fabricated at High Speed Welding is customized exactly how each customer prefers. Our T Tops are fabricated with anodized aluminum to ensure a long lasting and durable shine. We use 1.5″ pipe for the leg work to ensure that your T Top is built to withstand extreme conditions.

The canvas used for our T Tops are fabricated with Sunbrella materials, not only to protect you from weather, but to enhance the appearance of your boat. When comparing custom T Tops to “one size fits all” T Tops remember that you’ll be getting what you paid for.

High Speed Welding T Tops are fabricated to match each boat console’s unique design. The mounts are positioned at the sturdiest point of the consoles to ensure that your top is built as strong as possible. Keep in mind that bolt-together T Tops are fabricated in China and if purchased they fail to stimulate your economy.

Our basic T Tops come with a single ring that is 60″ wide and 85″ long, a Sunbrella canvas, 4 deck mounts, 4 console mounts, 4 rod holders, 2 antenna pads, and an anchor light for $1995. Custom options such as marine radio boxes, life jacket storage, additional rod holders, outrigger mounts, grab bars can be added. Give us a call, email, or stop by if you have any questions. We have display T Tops at our shop. Prices are below.

Aquasport T Top


Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler

Cape Horn T Tops

Cape Horn

T Top

Carolina Skiff

Custom Aluminum T Top


Boat  T Tops

Coastal Skiff

T Tops for cobia center consoles


T Top for a contender boat


Custom boat t top

Custom Carolina Hulls

boat t top


T Top for a Hancock Skiff

Hancock Skiff

Custom T top

Henry O

Custom Boat T Top

Hydra Sport

Aluminum Boat Top

Jones Brothers

T Top

Key Largo

T Tops for boats

Key West

Boat Top


T Tops

May Craft

T Tops for McKee Craft Boats

McKee Craft

Boat T Tops

Nautic Star

T Tops

Palm Beach

Boat Top


Custom T Top


Custom Boat Top


Custom T top for Pursuits


T Top for a Ranger


Custom T Tops

Riddick Bay Runner

T Tops for Scout


Custom Boat Top

Sea boss

Boat T Tops

Sea Fox

Aluminum T Tops for Sea Hunts

Sea Hunt

T Top for a sea pro boat

Sea Pro

Boat Tops

Southern Skimmer

Custom Boat Tops


Welded T Top

Sundance Skiff

Aluminum Boat Tops


T Top for a Triton Center Console


Custom Aluminum Top



Custom Boat T Top $1995
Powder Coating $600  Picture
Marine Radio Box $375  Picture
Breakaway Assembly $350  Picture
Life Jacket Storage $275  Picture
Suspended Rod Holders $200  Picture
Overhead LED Light $150  Picture
Outrigger Mounts $150  Picture
Grab Bars | Grab Bars $120  Picture
LED Spreader Light $80  Picture
Additional Tulip Rod Holder $40  Picture
Custom Fabrication $80/ hr