A High Speed Welding custom aluminum poling platforms is exactly what you need to get a better view while poling the flats.  Our poling platforms are built with anodized aluminum for a protective shine.  Every poling platform is designed exactly how each buy prefers.  Our standard platform comes with an 24″ x 40″ “anti-skid” starboard top (actual size may vary depending on boat).

Wakeboard racks, Rocket Launchers (rod holders), and ski tows can easily be added if requested.  Our poling platforms can be built to fit bay boats, flats boats, jon boats, and skiffs.

Feel free to contact us for with questions you may have about our custom aluminum poling platforms for boats.

Standard Poling Platform $995
Wake Board Rack $250
Ski Tow / Wake Board Tow $200
Rod Holders (each) $50