Custom Aluminum Boat Towers are designed to give anglers a higher vantage point while fishing.  High Speed Welding offers 3 different types of Boat Towers and Yacht Towers to fit every boat owner’s needs.  Our Towers are fabricated with anodized aluminum pipe for a protective shine.  High Speed Welding Towers are designed to make your boat look great while giving the function needed while out on the water.  Feel free to browse our photos or contact us if you have any questions.

Tuna Towers / Full Towers
 High-Speed-Welding-004_600x450.JPG Full Towers, comonly reffered to as Tuna Towers, are the highest towers in the industry.  They are designed with an upper station so the captain of the vessel can not only see more fish, but steer towards them when spotted.  Full Towers come with a buggy shade and a raised fiberglass platform for the boat captain to stand on.  The captain can access the upper station by climbing up the back ladders.


Marlin Towers
 High-Speed-Welding-024_600x450.JPG Marlin Towers are the second higherst towers in the industry.  They are designed with an upper station and buggy shade.  The captain of the boat stands on the fiberglass hard top while driving the boat.  The captain accesses the controls by using a ladder either on the back or the sides of the tower.


Half Towers / Hard Tops
DSC02880_800x600.JPG Half Towers for boats are most commonly reffered to as Hard Tops unless the top is made with sunbrella canvas.  Half towers are designed to give the captain a weather resistant drive while also providing shade on sunny days.  High Speed Welding Half Towers can either be made with a fiberglass top for mounting lights and radars or with a sunbrella canvas.


Wakeboarding Towers 
 20130503_163420_800x600 Wakeboarding Towers are designed to help wakeboarders and skiiers get higher air while being pulled behind a boat.  Our aluminum wakeboarding towers are built with 1.5″ anodized aluminum pipe for a protective shine.  The 1.5″ pipe also gives our wakeboarding towers durability and strength.